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Company tenet

Corporate governance include several elements: the principle of honesty, trust, integrity, open, orientation, sense of responsibility and reliability, mutual respect and commitment to the organization.

Most importantly, directors and management how to establish a governance mode, participants can according to the value of other companies, and can effectively evaluate effectively on a regular basis. In particular, the executive behavior honesty, docile, especially when faced with conflicts of interest and found that the financial statements.

The company goal

By providing innovative solutions and high quality products and comprehensive technical service, become a parliament and a world-class design and manufacturing process automation of the company.

Company tenet

ж strengthened and developed into a center of excellence, there are a lot of key talent's leading automation product development and customized solutions for our customers, promote sales growth and market leadership position;

ж elite, customers, suppliers and alliance, the synergy of university/college and strategic cooperative relations, to achieve sustained profitability for shareholders;

ж to create a harmonious, innovation and people-oriented working environment, attract, motivate and retain professional talents, cultivating knowledge sharing culture, and enhance team cohesion.

The structure of the organization

Organizational structure is divided into functional structure, level structure, sector structure, power structure four aspects.

The employee's code of ethics

Selfless, honesty, fairness, service to the masses, for the social service, quality achievements.

  • Tel: 0755-23351739
  • Mob: 13928482400
  • E-mail:steven.hu@xinhuicore.com